India’s Most loved Toy PCP Air rifle Precihole PX100 Achillies Review

Today I am going to talk about my first impression on my precihole PCP air rifle PX100 Achillies, the first regulated multi shot .177 pcp airgun in India, i bought it from by ordering it online, it got delivered within 7 days of time.

The main reason why i chose this model is because this is

  1. only Indian-made PCP which comes with a warranty of 1 year time which i believe the biggest advantage for the users.
  2. Initially, this air gun comes with a 10 rounds multishot magazine which auto places the pellets and makes it ready to be cocked after each shot. This helps us to shoot 10 round in a semi-automatic manner but since it is a bolt action air rifle we have to cock it every time we fire but it cocking mechanism is very smooth.
  3. Apart from the magazine which has to be loaded before shooting, the company also provides pellets try which helps you shoot single pellets in a fast motion just by keeping it on the tray.
  4. it comes with a peep sight which helps practice for competition because only peep sight rifle is allowed in Competition within INDIA.
  5. It has an 11 mm rail that can help you to mount a scope or sight which will improve your accuracy much better.

Precihole px100 achillies classic air rifle is a .177 PCP air gun india, it is 10 rounds magazine type air rifle which can fire up to 70 shots per filling, the velocity of the pellets fired with this gun can reach up to 850 FPS which is 20 joules of energy. It comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty, which can be claimed by the customer if he faces any issues under the duration of 1 year.



Caliber — 0.177″ (4.5mm)

Power — 20 Joules / 15 ft-lb

Max Velocity-240 mps / 850 fps

Max Pressure-200

BarAction MechanismSide Lever

Power Plant-PCP

Barrel Length-500mm

Total Length-920mm

Total Weight-2.5 kg

Barrel Material-Steel


Front Sight-PostRear Sight

Rear- Peep Sight


Safety-Manual (Hammer Blocking)

Suggested For-Fun Shooting, Plinking

Magazine-CompatibleYes (MZ10 Included)

Mounting-Rail3/8″ (11mm)

Dovetail-TriggerTwo Stage

Stock Material-Synthetic

Shots per -Fill80